A few years ago, some members of the IT community declared the firewall to be dead. You would think that in the age of breaches and security compromises, this would be furthest from the truth. The fact is, they were right. The traditional firewall is dead. But, with technology advances, elevated loads on software/local firewalls and application security software, as well as the need for sophisticated threat protection, a comprehensive managed firewall solution is more important than ever before. Firewalls come in two types – hardware firewalls and software firewalls. Each has its benefits and drawbacks. Software Firewalls A software...

It is important to remember that when we drag a computer file to the trash, it is not really deleted. The data still exists on the hard drive. It is only the index file that is removed which includes the file’s location on the hard drive. When a file is “deleted,” the index entry for that file is eliminated so your computer can no longer find it. The problem is that the actual file itself still exists. It has not been destroyed.