When White-Glove Service is More Cost-Effective than So-So Service.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines white-glove service as “being marked by special care or attention.” While any data center can claim to have white-glove service, it’s important to uncover whether their actions actually deliver the special care and attention they claim or if it is simply words used in marketing materials.

When comparing data centers, it can be easy for you to turn to cost as the final factor in determining which data center you select. You may decide that since you already have an internal IT team, you can save money by using the data center’s building and connectivity capabilities, but any hardware maintenance, upgrades, reboots, or application installations can be done by your team. Your office may be only 20 miles from the data center so it wouldn’t be a terrible inconvenience to send a member of your team to fix a problem or install a new piece of hardware.

But, is that the best decision? Probably not. Consider what could happen when you implement this strategy:

  • You may settle for a less than ideal data center provider because of their close proximity to your office.
  • Your team of engineers is focused on hardware maintenance and purchasing inventory rather than developing and deploying strategic IT projects which could drive significant growth for your organization.
  • The time it takes to step away from a current task, drive to the data center, evaluate and resolve an issue, drive back to your office, and resume your previous task, can be longer than initially anticipated and adds up each time a trip to the data center is required.

White-glove service allows you to not simply select the closest data center but the best data center. It enables you to concentrate on activities that are critical to your business, without concern for the day to day responsibilities and resources needed to manage them.

At MULTACOM, we take white-glove service to the next level. It’s not just about standard IT services and support but about the fact that we view our relationship with you as a true partnership. White glove service exemplifies our total commitment to and sole focus on exceptional customer care. It is the foundation of everything we do – from how we designed our network infrastructure, to the technology we use, to the people we employ.

We understand the IT demands placed on you every day. That’s why our commitment to excellence goes well beyond the standard dedicated server, hosting, cloud, and colocation services that you can receive from other data center providers.

What differentiates MULTACOM from the rest? Our white-glove service helps deliver customer success with:

  • Remote Issue Resolution: KVM over IP switches are built into all dedicated servers, enabling server issues to be resolved remotely. They are also available on an as needed basis on-demand and free of charge for colocation clients.
  • Free Remote Hands: Remote hands services are provided free of charge for quick tasks such as enabling a server to be managed remotely via KVM over IP.
  • Free Remote Reboot: Free remote reboot enables you to save time and money by not requiring you to travel to the data center to reboot servers.
  • Free Setup: Free initial rackup and setup of client equipment in colocation racks eliminates some of the stress and cost of migration from an in-house server room or another data center.
  • Multi-Level Power Monitoring: Smart Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are used throughout the data center, connecting every outlet and minimizing downtime due to overutilization. We actually monitor power usage at the rack level, PDU level and the main to ensure each stage is examined.
  • Parts on Hand: Servers, switches, and other hardware are kept in stock at our data centers and are available to be installed at a moment’s notice.
  • Borrow Servers: Borrow a server from MULTACOM while you wait for new equipment to be shipped from your hardware vendor. Installation can happen immediately, so you won’t experience downtime due to server failure.
  • Engineers, Not Salespeople: You collaborate with MULTACOM engineers from the start. That’s because we don’t hire salespeople. We believe you should be able to work with highly trained engineers from the start to ensure that the most appropriate dedicated server, cloud, or colocation solution is developed for you from the beginning.
  • On-Site Building Engineers: Building engineers are on-site around the clock to be able to respond to and resolve issues in minutes rather than hours.
  • Vendors Contracted for Quick Response: Power, cooling, and other critical MULTACOM vendors are contractually obligated to arrive at the data center quickly to provide critical support.
  • 24/7 On-Site Engineers: Network engineers are on-site monitoring the network 24/7. This enables them to identify and resolve issues in real-time.
  • Unique Disposal of Old Equipment to Protect You: All client hard drives are physically destroyed at end of life unless it is requested that they are returned to the client. This ensures that no company data is left on the hard drive and resold to the manufacturer or a third party.

Does your current data center offer this level of customer care or are you on your own?

White glove service is not available from most of the large data center providers. While it may not initially seem important to you, settling for mediocre service rather than requiring white-glove service can cost you more than just money in the end.

At MULTACOM, we combine our technical expertise and exceptional customer care with the latest technology to set your company up for success. We’re more than just your data center provider – we’re your partner in the business of IT. Contact us today to sample MULTACOM’s white glove service.